About Program

Won’s Martial Arts offers qualified instructors and staff to guide our students through one of the best martial arts programs in the world today.  Our programs include little dragons (ages 4 to 7), youth programs, teens and adults.

Master Young S. Won has been teaching martial arts since the 1970’s. Our program focuses on discipline, loyalty, confidence, humility, character, respect, education,and family atmosphere. We currently have over fifty active black belts in our programs.

Our instructors have extensive and expert knowledge in may different areas: Tae kwon Do, Hap Ki Do, Shotokan, Tang Soo Do, Wu Shu, to name a few.

Our program offers a variety of weapons training. Our expert instructors whom are true national and world champions in weapons, will teach the bo staff, sword, Kum Do, nunchuck, sai, kama, and more. Our instructors are also world champions in forms and sparring as well.

Our classes are well organized with small instructor-student ratios, classes for different age groups and different ranks.

Today, many of instructors, competitors, and martial arts masters have traveled from all over the USA to learn, adapt and train our programs.

Don’t be alarmed by false advertisement by other martial arts schools. Come and see it for yourself and ask questions about programs.