Master Young S. Won, a Christian, retired high school math teacher, 7th degree Black Belt, National Champion, World Champion, Hall of Fame Member, World Champion and National Champion coach, founder and President of the world-renowned prestigious KICK Team, founder and president of International Karate Circuit, Georgia State Star Teacher of the Year 2003, and president of World Martial Arts Federation.

Master Won is a native of South Korea.  He began his education and training in martial arts at the age of four.  He initially trained in the art of Kum Do and Hwa Rang Do.  At the age of seven he began education in the arts of Tae Kwon Do and Hap Ki Do.  In 1977 he relocated with his family to the United States and resumed his training under Grand Master Young Seon Seo and Master James Bolles.

In 1986, Master Won opened his first Tae Kwon Do and Hap Ki Do School in Manchester, Georgia. He started teaching Tae Kwon Do, Hap Ki Do, and weapons (kama, nunchuck, sai, tonfa, bo, flying kama and sword). In 1990, Master Won opened his second school in Phenix City, Alabama and turned his Manchester school to one of his devoted instructors. In 1995 Master Won relocated the Phenix City School to a brand new and larger facility to give students a better place to work out and train. In 1997, Master Won opened his third school in Columbus, Georgia for the convenience of numerous martial art students traveling from Columbus.

Master Won has produced many loyal and respectable black belt instructors; some now currently reside in California, Massachusetts, Alaska, Texas, Tennessee, Maryland, South and North Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, and many other states.

Master Won is an accomplished martial artist. His ability and skill has been confirmed time after time by his participation in world and national competitions such as winning numerous forms and fighting Tae Kwon Do championships. And winning numerous forms, fighting, weapons, and overall grand championships in national and world open martial arts championship.

Today, Master Won, his world champion instructors, and KICK Team members travel all over the United States and to foreign countries to do seminars and perform martial arts demonstrations. Also many other masters, instructors, martial artists, and competitors from all over the United States come to visit Master Won and his KICK team members to learn and train.

Master Won has trained, instructed, coached, and advised many of world renowned champions and competitors who appeared on ESPN, ESPNII, ABC, Discovery Channel, KKTVO, FOX, ITV (Korean TV network), Jackie Chan’s Movie, Tae Kwon Do Times, maslinc, Black Belt Magazine, Inside Kung Fu, Competitors, NASKA magazine, RSKC magazine, IKC Kickers, News Week, Korean Times, SMASH magazine, and many other media. Some of the competitors are Amy Latta, Jake Strickland, Marcel Jones, Steven Torres, Matthew Jennings, Kim Do, David Douglas, Johnny Liscar Jr., Jessica Mellon, Anthony Atkins, Ryan Redfoot, Chrissy Concepcion, Vince Johnson, Nicolle Provost, and many others.

Master Won is a man of principle, conviction and commitment. Like his art he remains true to his principles, which is reflected in his service he has given to his church and his community. Master Won continues to give his best to his church, family, friends and most of all his students because he is committed to promoting the martial arts as well as the principles and codes of honor they are based upon.

Philippians 4:13